Our Entertainment Show Package

( In Development / Available Soon! )


Chainsaw Carving Demonstrations are more popular than ever at events. With the growing interest we wanted to offer our clients more. Our one of a kind Entertainment show package is designed for all age groups. Shows are performed 3 times per day, each show is 45 minutes long. During the show our carver will complete 3 carvings in 30 minutes timed to a well designed sound track that’s sure to get the crowd into it. We wrap up the show giving away the 3 carvings by a free draw. Attending crowds will want to stick around and catch the show again! Provided by us is a three person team ( 1 carver, 1 equipment / sound manager and 1 crowd assistant ). Liability Insurance, Carving logs, stanchion posts with caution chain, Approved fire rated 10 x 10 demonstration tent, eye catching feather banners, Sound equipment ( licensing with socan and resound available if your event has not already obtained this ) and of course our carving equipment. Power is required for this package or we can supply portable power. A 20 x 20 outdoor space is required for the setup. Bleachers should be supplied by the event. A sample of our show is available upon request. Available as a stand alone package or combined with our basic carving demonstrations package to entertain your patrons throughout the day in between shows.