Meet Our Team

Robin Deruchie Chainsaw Artist

Award-winning artist, Robin Deruchie, was born and raised in Ontario, Canada. His passion for art began at the early age of nine. Having always had a passion for working with wood, from woodburning to carpentry, the art of chainsaw carving came second nature to Robin, who invisions a form in a log before ever choosing to carve it.

Jackie Deruchie Equipment & Sound

Jackie met Robin at age 16 and has always been an inspiration to Robins art. With a great personality and a friendly smile, Jackie quickly took to assisting the public at our shows. She is hands on with everything from setup to equipment management and crowd assistance. As a mother of 4 married to Robin for 30 years she can certainly keep up.

Position Opening : Crowd Assistant

  Our crowds are growing in size and we have new exciting plans in the works. Qualifications we are looking for : A bundle of energy, excellent people skills with all ages and a great personality. Comfortable with public speaking and willing to travel with the team.